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Earn By Writing Online

Do you want to earn money online and wondering how to start and where to start from? This is the website that will answer your questions and will help you to make money online. My name is Imran and I am working online as a freelancer since 2005. I have tried many ways and methods to earn my livings online. During this experience of checking various methods, I found that most of the websites that claim to award you thousands of dollars every month by doing little work, like typing or clicking in Ads etc, are actually the scam sites. These scam sites actually earn by using the new online users that are trapped by them.

But I have also found many legit ways that can be used by any one to get some decent amount every month. I am going to share all of my knowledge with online community and especially with people who are new in online business and seeking the ways to do legit online business.

How Can I Help You?

In this website, I will be discussing some easy and proven online earning methods . For example:

  • Earn By Writing
  • Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Offering Your Services
  • Selling Your Products
  • etc etc

Do You Need A Website To Start Your Online Business?

In most of the cases you would be required to make a website. For example if you are going to sell your products, want to make commission by selling others' products or want to earn from Google Adsense then you should have a website. But sometimes you don't even need a website. For instance, if you are a designer and developer then you can join different online forums to start your career and you don't need your own website. But it is always recommended to have your online presence by making your website.

Why You Should Not Use Godaddy Hosting

Hi everyone. In this post i am talking about my horrible experience with Godaddy shared hosting. I will tell you how Godaddy hosting can kill your online business in just few days without your knowledge and they will never accept what they did.

Here are the details of issues with Godaddy hosting servers:

The firewall settings or some other settings on servers of Godaddy sometimes start redirecting the Google bots to some non-existing paths of your website. This usually happens when the traffic load on your website or on your shared server is increased by certain limit. The normal user or human visitor will be able to browse and see your website pages accurately and there will be no errors seen. But what happens when Google bot visits your website?

When Google bot tries to fetch your pages, they are redirected to these types of URLs like or etc. Of course these URLs don’t exist on your website. If Google bots see these redirects again and again, it is assumed by Google bots that you have no content on your website pages and your website pages including sitemaps are redirected to some wrong paths.

As Google cannot keep blank websites or website with no content, your website ranking starts decreasing. If you will not resolve this issue, your website will be out of index after few more days. As a result your online business will be collapsed in few days and most of the time you will never know what happened to your website.

Response of Godaddy Technical Team:

When you will ask the Godaddy team about these nasty 302 redirect errors they will deny and will blame your website settings and they will try to assure you that are not blocking any Google bots on their servers.

How to detect the problem?

You can only detect this issue if you daily visit your webmaster tools section and check for any errors. If you see the errors like 302 redirect errors or Redirect error or moved temporarily errors then you must take immediate actions to resolve the issue. Sometimes you will see the error for sitemaps like Sitemaps cannot be loaded or Sitemaps not found. The interesting thing is that when you will try to browse your website pages or sitemaps they will be opened to you successfully but you will still be seeing error messages in webmaster tools.

Use Google Fetchbot Tool to Detect This Issue:

In Webmaster tools there is a section called Fetch as Googlebot. Use this tool and try to fetch your website pages. If you are seeing 200 OK messages with no redirections then all is OK. But if you see the redirect paths like with 302 redirect code, then it is confirmed that your website is under attack.

How to Resolve This Issue?

In my honest opinion and experience, the only solution to this problem is change host. Move from Godaddy hosting and buy some other hosting service. I think hostgator is a good USA alternate with no such issues. Why i recommend Hostgator is because they have very good customer service and they really try to resolve your issue without cheating you and i have not experienced these nasty 302 redirect errors with Hostgator hosting.

Earn Money Online From iWriter

If you are an expert content writer and want to earn money online then you must read this article. Content writing is very essential in today’s online business world. Every website needs original, useful and engaging content to attract the readers and customers. All types of websites including e-commerce websites or content websites need useful content. As more and more websites are publishing every day, the demand of original content and hence good content writers is increasing.

If you think that you can write well, then you should take advantage of this opportunity and start making money online by writing articles and content for website owners.

But where to start from?

I am sharing with you a new and good online source from where you can start earning money right now. The website name is This website is recently launched but has gained immense popularity. You can signup for free and you need your PayPal account to get your earnings.

How Much Can you Earn?

When you visit the site, you can see all open projects. You can select the topic of your choice and start writing the article without bidding on the projects or any other hassles. You will have 2 hours to complete your article and once approved by the buyer, your account will be credited instantly. Normally you can earn $1.62 from a 300 words article, $2.43 from a 500 words article and $4.05 from a 700 words article.

Become Top Writer:

After getting some high ratings you will be promoted to “Top Writer” and your rate per article will be increased.

I have used that site myself and i thought that i should share this opportunity with you. You can also check my other article on this topic about how to earn money from article writing.

Earn Money Online From Amazon

As we have discussed in earlier posts that affiliate marketing is one of the best and most used method to earn money online. The concept of affiliate marketing is very simple; “Selling the products of others to get your sales commission”. In this article i will briefly discuss that how can you make money online by selling products of Amazon.

What is Amazon All About?

Amazon is a website where you can sell or buy any type of products including jewelry, books, electronics, households, toys, gifts or any thing that you can think of. If you want to sell any of your used or new products then you can make an account on this website. The Amazon people charge for this service from the buyers and in this way they earn profit.

Amazon also gives the facility to website owners or Publishers to help Amazon and sellers to sell their products. So, if you are running a website and want to be affiliated with Amazon then simply make a free account and start right away. After you become a free member you are given a unique Referral ID that you can use to refer people to different product pages of Amazon. Whenever someone visits your website, clicks on a link with your Amazon ID, visits Amazon and buys some products; you earn a commission.

For the first few sales, your sales commission is 4%. As your sales increase, the rate of earning also increases as follows:

For 1 – 6 Products’ Sale: 4.00%
7-30 Products’ Sale: 6.00%
31-110 Products’ Sale: 6.50%
111-320 Products’ Sale: 7.00%
321-630 Products’ Sale: 7.50%
631-1570 Products’ Sale: 8.00%
1571-3130 Products’ Sale: 8.25%
3131+ Products’ Sale: 8.50%

For some products like Laptops and computers there is a flat commission of $25/product.

Tips to Earn Money From Amazon:

1) The very first step is to make a website where you will place Ads to sell Amazon products. My suggestion is NOT to make a General website covering different categories. Instead, select a specific niche. For example you can choose electronics category and then choose the sub-category Laptops as your main topic of website.

2) There are many software and plugins that scrap data from Amazon and fill your website pages automatically. The problem with these methods is that you are simply copying the data from Amazon and making a thin affiliate website, that Google don’t like at all. The thin affiliate website is a website with very little or no original content and just fills pages by copying or scrapping the content from other websites. These types of websites used to work few years ago, but this is not the case today. All pages of your website must have fresh, unique and hand written content and you should embed your buy now links within content. You can also add products images that are clickable and take the visitors to amazon site.

If you follow this advice and create unique content on your website, you will get good Google ranking and lots of visitors. And some of your visitors will become the buyers. But if you are going to make another thin affiliate site with all copied scrap from Amazon, then you are not going to be successful. Simple to say “Make a website useful for your visitors and recommend them good related products.”

3) If you want to earn most from Amazon, don’t use other earning methods on your website like Adsense or other affiliate programs.

4) You should use NoFollow tags for all the links that are going to Amazon. Otherwise you will be sending all of your Link Juice and site’s authority to Amazon that will harm your search engine rankings.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article that will help you to make money online from Amazon.